Although I had a Fashion blog in 2008 and a separate travel blog in 2012, Blog of Beanie was started in January 2013. Though it's transitioned many themes, it's now a source of travel inspiration, practical advice and questioning posts all themed around making travel work. You don't need to quit your job to travel, nor does it matter if you're studying - having travelled whilst working full-time, studying full-time and also completely free from commitment I can CERTAINLY say if you want to travel there's a way to do it!

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Is your name really Beanie?
YES! It is actually Beanie. I would show you my passport, but I think that could pose a security risk, so you'll just have to trust me.

What are you doing with your life at the moment? 
I'm in the middle of my degree after a few years out between school and University. It was during this time that I started to really travel and not just go on holiday! It's during this time that I traveled to 12 countries in 12 months and it's also when I did my 4 month solo trip around Asia + Fiji, but I digress...

Which countries have you been to?
Here's the full list: England (where I live... does this count?), Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Tenerife, Hong Kong, Japan, Fiji, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Barbados and USA (California, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida)... Click on the links to read the relevant posts.

What's been your favourite country so far?
Although of course everybody will tell you that it is impossible to pick, I will stick my neck out and say Japan. I'd read next to nothing about the country, so I wasn't really sure what to expect; it was also the country I was most nervous about (needlessly I might add) which just goes to show you'll never know if you'll like a place until you go. 

I noticed that you used to be a bit of a baking fanatic. Would you bake me something? 
Are you bloody joking? Of course I will. I will bake for you, I will bake for your mum, I will bake for charity... you get it... The answer is YES! 

How do I get in contact? I have the best idea ever.
Yipee... Can't wait to hear from you!
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The History of Blog of Beanie

Now we've got that over with, let me start at the very beginning...

Beanie's Bakes
1 cookbook + 1 year + 1 blog
Well. All good life stories start with some misfortune. My misfortune was getting very ill just before I was due to go to University. It puts everything in perspective and for a long while my focus was maintaining a job and keeping the energy levels up. By Christmas I was feeling better and needed a focus for my 'surprise gap year'. 

I started making a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2013. It started with "eating a Muzzy's kebab" (tragic) and "running a half marathon" (admirable)... my Dad added "accept my parents are always right" (you've got to be kidding) and Mum added "bake all the recipes in Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days." And so Beanie's Bakes began.

Fast forward to November 2013...

Country Challenge
1 year = 12 months = 12 different countries
Around Christmas 2013 I decided life just wouldn't be the same without a challenge, so I set myself another. Backdating to November 2013, I decided I would try and visit a different country every month for a year. I completed my challenge in October 2014.

Introducing 'Blog Of Beanie'
I love blogging but once my year of baking was up I was very keen to start writing about my travel plans, so I rebranded the site from Beanies Bakes to "Blog Of Beanie". 

Now the blog encompasses mostly travel posts, but I'll also occasionally include lifestyle posts and posts about running (as it's a passing hobby of mine). 

Why not drop me a message? I'd love to hear from you...
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