29 February 2016

Travel Indecision | Happy Leap Year

It's been a whole month since I last blogged. I feel dreadful for it, but between moving back to Bath, studying again and moving into a house with six friends I've barely been by myself. Lucky for me it's a leap year so I can make it exactly-a-month not just-over-a-month-OMG.

You may remember a while back that I wrote a post about being indecisive?

Well, indecision strikes again, this time in the form of mine and Josh's summer holiday. We have a lot of restrictions, but still plenty of options... Nothing seems quite right!
It's an absolute blessing to have a pot of money (admittedly not large) and the opportunity to travel, but I'm so aware of creating the Best Holiday Ever that we seem to keep going round in circles. We've considered what seems like every option under the sun and even booked a few places - with free cancellation, mind - but nothing seems to settle quite right. 

So I'm asking for your advise - where would you go and/or how would you decide?

The restrictions:

7-10 days - may stretch to 12 days
<£1,100 per person - could stretch by a couple of hundred pounds
Sunshine - non-negotiable

The options considered:

Portugal - stopping in Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve
Montenegro - apartment on the lake with car hire
All inclusives - mostly ruled out due to cost/fusiness around food
Asia - rainy season
South America - 'tropical' or rainy season

The dream:

Maldives (ahem)
Back to America for another dose of the national parks
Disney (cough splutter cough)

Am I just being too fussy? Is there too many variables? Have I just had the most amazing experiences so now nothing compares?

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