23 January 2016

London Life 020-021

I don't know when the weather decided that it was ready for winter, but the gloom closed in and suddenly all I wanted was tea and cosy (read warm) activities. This last month or two has flown by as I desperately tried not to let it slip through my fingers.

Saatchi Exhibition

This is one of my favourite galleries (as you may well know) and I always try to pop in when I get the chance. I might not completely understand what all the art means, but I love how funky everything is, the colours, the textures, the details... For me this is what art is about!

Mum is less convinced by this modern art...
Saatchi website. Open daily from 10am-6pm. Nearest tube Sloane Square.

Franco Manca

I've been to a couple of the Franco Manca branches now, but I love the grit of the Brixton branch. The pizza is delicious and even the crusts are delicious. The pizza start at around £6 (yes, I know it's fabulous) and the even the beer and wine is unlabelled and unpretentious. I can't stress how perfect this place is for a casual dinner or a quick lunch.


Lucy found this little shop and museum (ok, that is a stretch) on the 3 Kinds of Ice App. It has every type of Twining tea you have even seen and more. Come with a clear nose and enjoy all the fragrent teas, most of which are available to buy.
Find out more about the Tea Store here. Open til 7pm during the week.

Mungo & Maud

If you have a lot of money and want to smother your dog in love, head down to the Mungo & Maud Dog and Cat Outfitters where a rope toy will set you back £22. It's great to have a little look around and dogs are allowed in, so pop in for a mooch and a hug with a pooch.

Birdies Crazy Golf @ The Vaults

This is crazy golf for the hipsters. Though extremely hard to find (under the arches of Waterloo station) it's fun to combine a little fun golf with some drinks. The perfect midweek date with your guy or your gal.
Birdies Crazy Golf has ended at the Vaults but visit their website for more information about the next location.
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