17 December 2015

London Life Weeks 017-020

It's been a little while since I last update the London Life series, so fingers crossed you're still with me! Since I've moved to London, I started this series as a ways of sharing some of what I've been up to whilst living here. I'd love to hear your recommendations!

Churchill War Rooms

You might easily have walked past Churchill's bunkers on a visit to London without even realising it. Located right by Buckingham Palance, Westminster and of course Big Ben, it's easy to overlook this gem. The history is tangible, Churhill's character fascinating and the exhibition absorbing but digestible.
It's crazy to think that there are people alive who had to fight a war with the help of carefully hand written labels and a woolen lines showing fronts of troops... it's strange to think how far we've progressed.
 Below is the room that Churchill stayed was supposed to stay in during the war. Actually, apart from his afternoon naps (good shout Winston) he refused to sleep underground, which is just one example of how he wasn't going to be beaten, as the leader of a nation and as a person.
 And most poignant of all, was this quote I found from 1940 - it would be just as relevant to day as it was then, given recent events.
Open 9.30am-6pm. It's not the cheapest at £18 for an adult £14.40 for concessions, but it's well worth a visit and will fascinate you for hours.

Shoryu Ramen

Just like smell, tastes can take you back to a place in the click of a finger. I wasn't expecting Shoryu Ramen to take me right back to Japan, given its rather humble location in the fun and casual Kingly Court.
I highly recommended this little spot right near Oxford Circus, making it perfect for a dinner after Christmas shopping.
The gyoza is delicious and the ramen is spot on... ok, well it's not quite there, but it's a damn substitute until I get back to this beautiful country and have the real thing.

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain @ V&A

Nothing could be quite as great as the Alexander McQueen exhibit earlier this year, let's be open about that. As this exhibit is no longer around anymore *sob*, this is a great follow up.

For quite a few years I received a shoe calendar from my godmother, which had a new photograph each day. It was wonderful, much like this exhibition... but actually the exhibit is even better as it explains the story behind the shoe.
I always remember the scene in 'In Her Shoes' where she's moping around shopping for shoes, saying that no matter what, they'll always fit. I completely agree with this sentiment; a comfy, yet sassy heel makes you walk talker, feel sexier and be bolder.

Keep your eye peeled for the video upstairs - Manolo is my new favourite person (computers?... oh no).

It costs £13.50 for adults and £9 for students. Open from 10.30am to 5.30pm and fantastically til 9.30pm on Fridays!

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