10 November 2015

Do we ever appreciate our own country? + A British Bucketlist

How often does it occur to you that your amazing, is someone else's normal? I first considered this in Japan - I was amazed by the sounds on the subway and the fancy toilets, but for them this was completely normal. 
Ok, so the Japanese might not wear this to work...

We may dream of waking up on a Caribbean beach surrounded by palm trees (comon, who doesn't?) but for thousands of people this...
Mana Island, Fiji
...is every day life.

There are over 64 million people in the UK and I wonder how many of us would actually choose to just stay in the UK, over exploring another country. Any country. (
I'm not asking you to compare UK vs France or UK vs Brazil I'm talk UK vs anywhere else!) 

There will be those who love their country and enjoying holidaying within their own country; perhaps because they're afraid of flying, have a sentimental attachment to places or because a lot of the time it's more convenient ...but take away money, logistics and fears and I think there would be very few people who would always choose their country over another.
Bath, UK
My hunch tells me that this is because we know our country... Or we think we know our country. We think we know the British drizzle, the country roads and the autumn leaves. But how many of us have really delved deep into our own culture? Visited our own national parks? Experienced the life of those who live at opposite ends of the country? How many local museums have you been to? How much do you know about your great great great ancestors and the lives they led?
Bournemouth, UK
Look, I'm not trying to make you feel bad or even say you should get to know your own country - new experiences are after all one the main reasons people travel - I'm just saying I wish I could find that same burning desire to discover my own lands!
So, what better way to tackle this, than by making a list of places and events I want to go to here in the UK:

1. Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

Read the trip advisor reviews on this beautiful beach.

2. Leighton House, London

Read more about visiting this beautiful place here.

3. Punting at Trinity College, Cambridge


Although punting has stopped for the wintery spell all the information you need can be found here.

4. Eden Project

It's not just plants - check out what's on at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

5. Cheese Rolling

Find out more about the Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucestershire on the official website.

6. Notting Hill Carnival

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Find out more about the carnival on its website.

7. Letterboxing in Dartmoor

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What is this all about? Find out the origin of this pastime and then find out how to get started.

What do you think of my ideas? What's on your local bucketlist?

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