12 October 2015

Georgetown, Malaysia | "One door shuts, a window opens"

It was completely unplanned to visit Malaysia, not just Penang. By this point in my trip (10+ weeks of travel every couple of days) I was tired and there was not much gusto in me to tackle the largely 'unplannable' Myanmar.

Instead I was craving my fill of sunshine, town life and good company. I'd asked for recommendations for places to go and Penang came up. I knew I could get a train straight there from Bangkok (all hail Seat 61), the weather seemed much improved on Thailand's PLUS it's considered 'the food capital of Malaysia'. SOLD.
It's not just the street food that is amazing, it's also the street art and the streets themselves.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of the windows and doors of Georgetown (the main town on Penang island).
The peeling pastel paint, the colourful weathered tiles and the little wooden shutter. Actually I realised pretty soon that I would one day need to dedicate a whole post to the windows and doors of Georgetown, Penang. That day is today!... ENJOY!

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