21 September 2015

London Life Weeks 007-010

Time is racing and I can't quite believe I've been here so long. Although the weather hasn't been warm we've been treated with some fantastic blue skies and sunsets.
... And as this is blighty some terrible rain. One lady combatted the weather with a strategically placed plastic bag.

Mash Steak - Modern American Steak House

My friend managed to get hold of a 50% off steak deal at Mash. Being the resourceful youths that we are we went for it. I completely forgot about our dinner reservations and so looked a complete mess while the tables around us were hosting smart people in shirts and dresses... Sorry Mash for lowering the standards.
Even with the 20% off voucher Mash is not cheap! That said they have around a dozen different steaks from around the world. We asked for some advice from our Waiter and opted for the Danish steak (medium) - it was pretty darn good I must say.

The sides were pretty disappointing (especially as they're not included) considering the price point of this restaurant.

In my embarrassment I couldn't bring myself to photograph the food or the restaurant, but the atmosphere was awesome. A particularly nice touch was a big round table, perfect for when you actually want to socialise in a large group!

Running Around & Wandering Around St. James Park

Whilst preparing for my Bacchus run we went for a little run around the park... and returned three times the same day as we were on a walking tour that passed through!
There's a small little house by the ducks which looks like Snow White's cottage and it was open! The garden was absolutely beautiful!

Regency Cafe

This cafe was sold to me by my landlady who told me it's a typical builders cafe (said buildas caff) with proper food. Well. I didn't know it was so famous!... It's been used by Vogue for photoshoots, visited by lots of famous sportsmen (who naturally I don't know) and written about in the telegraph.
 The interior is awesome and I imagine it's barely changed since it opened.
Despite queues out the door, the cafe has it perfectly timed so that by the time you get to the front the [seemly] impossible happens - a table is free! Honestly I marvelled at how slick it was.
 For three big breakfasts (custom using different things off the menu) and three drinks it came to £14. The cafe also does lunch and I can't wait to go back. It's only a few minutes walk from St James Park too which is very handy for locals and tourists alike.

New Sandeman's Free Walking Tour

I've done a few of these tours in Berlin and Amsterdam and they've not disappointed yet. The tour is completely free, but the guides get paid in tips. It's their version of 'try before you buy'. For 2.5hours it's amazing value and takes you to see some of London's highlights.... Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and more.
 Even a Londoner is bound to found out something new and be wildly entertained!

Balls & Company

I love meatballs, so I was very excited to hear about a restaurant DEDICATED to meatballs. (Most of my friends know this already - I get the meatball wrap at Pret and the meatball pizza at Zizzis!)
 It's a mix and match kind of thing; you pick your type of meatball (quinoa or salmon balls anyone?) then your sauce and then your sides.
 The meatballs themselves were fantastic as expected, but the sides were equally excited and set the whole thing off nicely!
... And the dessert wasn't short of fabulous! My brownie came with ice cream (yawn...) BUT then it also had a kind of candy floss on top. Now I don't like candy floss as it's SO sweet, but I loved this stuff.
 It tasted like vanilla, wasn't sticky and wasn't overly sweet and sickening. Plus it was fun.

 Until next time folks...

Any tips for me? What's your favourite London spot?
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