25 August 2015

London Life Week 04-06

Well the last few weeks have be rather eventful, but not in the way that anyone would choose. First it was flu then it was food poisoning (sorry if you're my Facebook friend and have heard this all already)!
Golden Jubilee Footbridges

Little Venice

Everyday on the way to work I pass through Warwick Avenue, which proudly announces it is the stop for Little Venice. What? I've never even heard of this place.
Well can we first discuss that this place is certainly more of a Little Amsterdam!! Venice? Nope! It's where three of London's canals meet. You can get a book down the canal to Camden or just grab a Starbucks from Paddington station and wander along the canals to find somewhere to perch.
Who said living on a boat had to stop you gardening, eh? Little Venice is a nice place for a stroll, but I wouldn't say it's something to right home about. If you're visiting London and crippled by the prices food, grab something from Paddington and set yourself up for an hour or two.
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Bitch-a-long Mean Girls @ Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

One of the BEST kept secrets in Central London... well, at least for those that have just moved to London. The location can't get any more central as it's right by Leicester Square but the prices are so reasonable. Our film was £11 per ticket which isn't bad for a night out in London.
This cinema isn't just any old cinema though. This cinema is all about the atmosphere! Laughing, singing and quoting along is actively encouraged... they even have an actor there to warm you up. There's a bar (and drinks are reasonably priced) so make a night of it!

Membership to the cinema is only £10 for a year (or £50 for life) and members get a few pounds discount per ticket plus there are special £1 screenings for members every week. Now that is what I call value.
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