4 August 2015

London Life Week 002/003

Time is flying by and I can count my hand the number of times I've had a night with no plans (without boasting). We've all been there I know. I know it's also not healthy really or sustainable, but for now I'm just eager to make the most of summer in this beautiful city!

Camden Night Market & Backyard Cinema

This is on for six weeks every Thursday evening (started the Thursday just been) and is basically a load of food and some light entertainment.
Cute food stalls, but with that much choice I don't know where to start! I will definitely be back though to try at least a few of the stalls. I'm looking forward to some of the future's themes.
The backyard cinema is located right next door and I've got my eye on The Blues Brothers after we failed to secure deck chairs for clueless. It's such a romantic setting and with free ponchos if it rains, it seems like they've thought of everything!
[Info on the night market is surprisingly confusing but here is a bit about Camden Summer Night Markets 2015]

Decision: Carsten Holler @ Hayward Gallery

If your going to be around London this summer be sure to check out this exhibition. I first heard about Decision on The Londoner's blog and booked a few months ago (ok probably only about two months ago). It's really shown me how quickly time has flown.
This is the most interactive exhibition I've been too! It starts with a journey through pitch black metal corridors where you're told to use your hands to guide you. Me being me walked in to someone in front. I don't seem to be able to stop myself grabbing strangers when I'm scared and did the same thing on Tower of Terror in Disney.
Next us is a weird mushroom mobile and a pile of pills that you can take one of. They drop every three seconds.
Add in a cool colour wall (you need to check out the thought behind it when you go, as I'm not going to ruin it all) and the world's edgiest game of pairs.
Two of my highlights both took away perfect vision and instead make you dizzy and disorientated in the best way!

The first is The Forests where you get given a 3D headset. You're travelling through a creepy forest when one eye goes one way and the other chooses a different route. So simple, yet so trippy.
The other vision-altering experience was a contraption that used a mirror to flip your vision upside down. It makes you feel so delirious (but in a good way of course). You just try walking to the edge of the terrace and watch yourself freak out!

The grand finale was the Isometric slides. Two silver twisting slides that take you back to ground level. I swear this is every adult/kid's dream? I remember always wishing I could have a slide taking me from school to my back garden (this wasn't unrealistic as they backed on to each other)!
If you're keen to try two flying machines then prepare yourself for a queue of possibly over an hour. If it wasn't for my second exhibition I would have definitely queued as it looked so much fun!...

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty @ V&A Museum

This exhibition completely passed under my radar until it just seemed to blow up in its final few weeks. For the final few weekends they were opening it 24hrs! I managed to secure a single ticket for the last night, Sunday evening. Even people who I wouldn't say are massively in to fashion were giving this exhibition great reviews... And I think of myself as vaguely switched on to fashion, so knew I couldn't miss it.
I read an article in The Times Magazine (I think it was) about Alexander McQueen and know a little more about McQueen and his interesting personal past definitely added to the whole experience.
The exhibition was mind-blowing and even the partners who had clearly been taken along (probably against their will) to keep their other half company, were standing there with in awe of his breathtaking work. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is even a tenth as creative as McQueen. His intellect is very apparent in the rich historical references and his creativity oozes out of every piece. This is not an exhibition of beautiful gowns, but theatrical costumes and wearing Art with sometime disturbing themes.

I know how annoying is it to hear about events retrospectively but I couldn't not tell you all about it. If it travels to another city you must go! Simply fabulous.

Q Grill, Camden

I've never been a 'meat-on-the-bone' kinda gal. I just don't really like the texture of brown meat. After the boss order sharing platters for us all I had to take the plunge. The short pepper rubbed Louisiana short ribs were amazing. They were literally falling off the bone so I didn't have to navigate that obstacle.Plus their corn waffles and cocktails are pretty lovely too!
Until the next time folks...
Ps. More America post soon!

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