24 August 2015

USA Road Trip | Grand Canyon North Rim Hiking

I kept you hanging, I know,I know, so I won't waste any of your time without a few shots first...

Cocoon Outlook is a easy hike for a great view!
Trying not to look cold!
The Grand Canyon is what it says on the tin - grand - and there's no denying that the view is stunning. However, and I know many people will not agree with me, but a trip to the big GC left me a little lacking. WHADT?! Hear me through...
So I had a look at the PDF that the National Park Service publish with all the helpful information and hiking guides in it, but couldn't decide what we should do. We consulted a ranger as soon as we arrived and spoke about trekking in to the rim. 
We'd I'd read some stuff about trekking rim-to-rim but knew we didn't have enough time to stay a night in the canyon, a night the other side and then get the shuttle back before moving on. Some had mentioned doing it in a day but after speaking to the ranger it became apparent that a trek like that would take some SERIOUS planning (and very high levels of fitness/hiking experience).
The rest of the treks seemed to sort of skirt along different parts of the rim and whilst we would happily do some of these and drive the scenic route, we were both very keen to get a good grasp of the Grand Canyon. We wanted to really get a feel for it, to experience it, not just admire it from afar.
We set off very early (around 5am) due to the heat. Even still, our hike back out was hot and I'm glad we left as early as we did. We trekked an hour down and two hours out - allowing time to stop on the way and get back before a majority of the mules started using the very same trail (making it somewhat perfumed).
I'm very glad we managed to get in to the canyon a little, but looking back not allowing enough time to get down to the river was a real shame. I'd even say getting a helicopter from Las Vegas instead of two nights at the lodge would be a good trade off!
We also did the scenic drive and that was pretty amazing!...
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