24 June 2015

Packing 101 | Shoes (Part 1)

Packing 101 is a new series that attempts to answer niggling questions about the hows, whats, whens and whys of packing for all different types of trips.
When it comes to packing for a trip, the shoes you take with you really should be given some thought. Turns out I had A LOT to say on the subject of shoes so hopefully this post will help you decide what to include for your next trip. I would say it’s important to pick the right shoes for any length of time away, but especially when you're luggage is limited. Part 1 will give you a good idea of what sort of shoes to take. Part 2 will go in to more detail about the pros and cons of each option.

Number of pairs

Be strict and aim for no more than two or three pairs.  You won’t need them and won't thank yourself for the added weight and bulk.

Top Tips
1. Wear shoes in before you go. This applies to ALL shoes.
2. Think of the space they will take up in your bag.
3. Think of the extra weight e.g. pair of converse vs. a pair of flip flops.
4. Could you just buy additional shoes out there if you find you need them later on / can you rent specialist shoes?
5. Do not take shoes that are valuable, sentimental or irreplaceable (this applies to everything you take traveling). Flip flips and pumps may be easy to replace/buy, but bear in mind Asian shoes are made in small sizes.
6. If you’re traveling across climates, considering sending shoes home at strategic points*. 
*Bangkok is typically cheaper and more efficient than Laos for example. Compare the post office with couriers. 

Use the table below to help you decide what shoes you will actually need. 

Shoes I Recommend

Both brands have shoes that have arch supports and they still look great (or OK in the case of some of the teva designs!). I've lived in my Birkenstocks this summer and my Teva flip flops lasted me 4 months in Asia no problem.

Toms make canvas espadrilles with leather soles (stop your feet smelling) and those all important foot arches. They're slip on and closed toe and come in more 'dressy' lace versions ticking temple, city and evening shoe boxes.

Trainers are a bit of a personal thing, but when I say trainers I mean 'proper' trainers intended for sport not fashion. Try cross country trainers for grip, running trainers for their lightweight properties or Sketchers for their unbelievably comfy memory foam soles.
 What shoes do you recommend packing?
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