14 May 2015


Recently I've really struggled with having an opinion on small decisions. (Never fear, I'm never short of an opinion for the big stuff like the election, euthanasia and the disgrace of putting pineapple on pizza.)

Too much choice. I don't mind any of them... Honestly.
Josh has been getting increasingly irritated that I just won't make a decision. What should we have for dinner? What film? Should I go to the gym? Should I have those Mozzarella & Pesto crisps? The decisions are so menial it is almost like my brain just can't be bothered to make up its mind. I've even been getting frustrated with myself. I've tried googling what can cause sudden indecision, but only found articles that talk about people stressed about small decisions and though interesting just not quite what I've been experiencing as I'm not at all stressed out - I just can't be bothered to decide!
I don't even mind which beach, you pick...
In the restaurant* the other day I asked the waitress which main course she would recommend - the salmon or the chicken curry (in case you were wondering) because I just couldn't make my mind up. I'd had the salmon last time, so really it should have been a no-brainer.I've never had a problem choosing what I've wanted from a menu and pride myself on making my choice quickly (and consistently making the best choice). I'd he salmon last time, so really it should have been a no-brainer.

My solution has been to flip a coin for everything. I figure if I can't make my mind up, why not leave it to chance? Normally they say when you flip a coin you know what you want the answer to be but nope, it hasn't felt that way at all - just 100% indifference.

THEN something changed the other night. The coin told me I shouldn't go to the gym. ReSULT... And then I found myself going anyway. Maybe I'm starting to get my backbone back, but then again maybe I went out of guilt for consuming 200g of milk chocolate in 24 hours? I just can't decide.

*I really enjoyed Turtle Bay the first time round so on Thursday the girls and I made the most of the happy hour (before 7pm and after 10pm) and trialled the cocktail menu. I'm proud to say we easily managed 4 cocktails each. I digress...

Decisive people, please give me some tips!?
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