13 April 2015

Race Report #LondonMarathon | One Year On

So I had this fabulous idea when Lucy used a disposable cameras for Berlin... I would use one when running the marathon. They have 27 shots so I figured that would work out perfectly for the marathon - one photo and one jelly baby a mile. Turns out I got more than 27 exposures and I ran out before the end of the marathon (along with my energy and sanity) but I really hope that these give people and idea of the 'running view' without having to actually run the 26.2 miles.

Vicky's big news was that she got engaged!!! On the course, opposite Tower Bridge where she met John whilst they both ran the London Marathon in 2013.

Big smiles! I was feeling on top of the world for the first 13 miles.

Got to give it to the guys in costumes, though I always felt a competitive twang when they overtook me!!

I've said it before but seeing family and friends gives you the greatest power boost going.

The Docklands Light Railway seen for a good chunk of the course. It hovers above you like a pacer (har har).

Going through bridges gives runners a chance for a 'picnic wee' though rest assured the marathon is no walk in the park... *tumbleweed*

My favourite sign of the day. I want to get this printed to go in a frame with my medal and photos from the finish. I remember feeling this when I went to support.

Water stations were at every mile for 3-23 so plenty of water to SIP (very important not to glug - see this post).

Entertainment throughout the day to get you going. Me and Vicky definitely sung as we ran past.

The Shard in the background hinting of what's the course holds. 

My fabulous, wonderful, incredible support crew with the parrot!!

... And one for the lads... It made me smile! (It says "if this was easy it would be your mum".

When there is no sugar in sight and no hugs for miles, runners are prepared to try ANYTHING.

Me getting excited as we passed the Cutty Sark. This was somewhere we took my grandpa for his birthday last year, so it's nice to be back - I know he'd be interested to hear about this part of the course!

No band or music could compare to the drums. The beat really helps to get you back in a steady rhythm. If only they could follow me!!

Warm Lucozade bottles on the floor, which is a serious hazard but not much can be done.

The BAND that completed the marathon.

Right at the beginning - what a sight to build the nerves. Feels so long ago I was at that start line!

If you know of any marathon runners, maybe they would be interested to see these pictures - you can share them with the buttons at the bottom of the post :)

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