22 April 2015

Brownie Haven

Normally I hate it when people ask if you have any Easter chocolate left as I always think "well now I feel bad, because if we're being honest I finished it by midnight Easter Sunday". This year has been slightly different though, as I split my time between Bath and Berkshire.

By some blessing it appears I left my (very) mini eggs in Bath over Easter. In all the anticipation of baking with them I put them out of sight and out of mind, consequently forgetting to bring them home to bake with. Easter has been and gone, but there may be a very small chance that you have some Easter chocolate stashed away somewhere. No? Ok well I give you permission to go buy some smarties especially for this recipe. Minstrels would also work well or if all else fails half-squares of chocolate always taste great.

Amongst the sweet potato brownies, raw brownies and avocado brownies it is easy to forget that actually the full-fat full-sugar brownies are still great. I'm not pretending they're healthy by any means, just promising that they taste delicious.

First of all take a few moments to read my 5 commandments when it comes to brownies as it will ensure you hit the nail on the head.
Brownies (with Easter Leftovers)
Recipe slightly adapted from Nigella Lawson 'Kitchen' due to my limited store cupboard & to allow for the addition of my forgotten Easter chocolate.
150g unsalted butter
300g dark brown soft sugar
75g cocoa powder
150g plain flour
1 tsp bicarb of soda
4 eggs
250g chocolate eggs/chocolate chunks (including white chocolate for the top)
A rectangular tray roughly around 30cm x 20cm lined with baking parchment or tin foil
Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius. Reduce the temperature by around 10-20 degree if you have a fan oven or your oven is particularly efficient.

1 | Melt the butter in a pan on relatively low heat.
2 | Add the sugar and mix together.
3 | Add the dry ingredients (cocoa powder, flour & bicarb). The mixture will be very dry at this point almost crumbly looking (see photo below) so don't panic. Take off the heat.

4 | Add the eggs and beat in to the mixture relatively quickly until the batter becomes glossy.
5 | Add your chosen chocolate and mix til only just combined. You want to try and keep the chunks of chocolate rather than let them melt in to the batter.
 ... I plopped some white chocolate chunks on top purely because it looks pretty.

6 | Cook your brownie for around 20 mins. I checked after 15 minutes and the brownie was done, but this will depend on your oven. The top of the brownie will be just 'set' and look dry to touch. If you do just that and lightly touch the top the brownie, it should jiggle slightly. See more tips on the aforementioned post.
I always eat mine warm from the oven. Give it a few minutes to cool before cutting in to modest squares.
Ps. The white area at the bottom of the brownie is the crispy shell of the (very) mini eggs and definitely the best part of the brownie!

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