6 April 2015

The Blogs I Read & Recommend to You

In the process of deciding what blogs to include in this post, I've ended up spending hours catching up on posts via Bloglovin (more on that in a minute), so without further ado here are the blogs I treasure the most...

Adventurous Kate
Kate, in my eyes, is a near perfect travel blogger for three reasons: she is completely 100% honest, without scaremongering; her blog is personal, offering stories and experiences that could never be found in a guide book; her posts are eternally useful with tips and details to help you find the confidence to travel anywhere. Kate has been travelling for almost four years and you can find posts on South East Asia, Europe, USA (including an awesome Southern Road trip) and now South America where you'll currently find her roaming. I must thank Kate for some great posts that have helped me feel more confident about travelling safely.
Must read:
Adventurous Kate Gets Shipwrecked in Indonesia
Full-Time Travel, Full-Time Work - Is It Even Possible?
What's It Really Like to Travel Japan?
When You Get a Sign, LISTEN

Che is a breath of fresh air and her blog contains hilarious cartoons of every day life. It's hard to catorgorise Indieberries and it really is one that you have to just read at to understand. Che recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training, details about which is can be found on her new site Che Dyer. I remember being absolutely hooked on the story of how her and her now husband met, their relationship and their married life (it's all linked on one handy page). When you read Che's blog it's like this South African is talking to you personally. I was lucky enough to meet her and she's every bit as lovely and just how I imagined her to be.
Many laughs found within:
How I Deal With My Finances
Our Story*

*This is the story I already mentioned - allow at least 5 hours to read it all. I promise you won't be able to stop.

Smitten Kitchen
I'm sure you can imagine that I follow many food blogs, but if I was to choose one to recommend it would be Smitten Kitchen. Deb is a long-time food blogger evidenced by the links in each post to previous years' recipes "eight years ago... seven years ago... six years ago...". Reading posts on Smitten Kitchen is like reading a Nigella Lawson cookbook - the blurb at the beginning is very entertaining, like a short story, but you can skip to the recipe and the pictures because actually the recipes are that great. They're not a fad, boring or predictable and you can tell that Deb really really enjoys food. Her recipes are not pretentious, but always have me asking why on earth I hadn't thought of them before!
Must cook:
Garlicky Party Bread With Cheese and Herbs (Can definitely testify for both these recipes, and the last is on next on the list to try!!)
Double Chocolate Banana Bread
Blondies, Indefinitely Adaptable

Joy Felicity Jane
I've followed Tanya as she's moved from the UK back to France, then to Australia for a year before returning to London. The blog is just brimming with beautiful photos of the most delicate details of life from breakfast in bed (breakfast is her signature) to blossoms, beach scenes and most recently Bath! This is the blog for lazy Sundays (and Bank Holidays like today) cups of tea and warm blankets.
Must gaze at:
I Should Have Been a Garden Photographer
Favourite Places In Sydney | Clothes & Shoes
Soul Sisters

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