10 March 2015

Street Feast #Hawker House

I'm not claiming that Street Feast at Hawker House is new by any stretch and it is my second year of going. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, the concept of street feast is great food stalls, quality drinks and a cosy atmosphere set in disused space around East London. I absolutely loved #HawkerHouse (hashtag mandatory) last year and so when at a recent reunion with friends from travelling it seemed like a great place to spend a night.

This year they've moved to an empty office block right near Haggleston Overground station. This gets a big thumbs up from me as it's convenient to get to and I distinctly remember last year there was a winding walk through the streets to get there from the nearest tube.
Naturally as the event becomes more popular, the people attending the event change. This year attendees seemed slightly older and a pinch more mainstream. There also seemed to be an unnecessary amount of clingy couples!
Despite changes Hawker House is still a great night out as you're pretty much done with it by the last tube home. They serve yummy cocktails (the Space Gin Smash cocktail is the one) and best of all, the food is good.  Although last year I would have said that the food was hand-on-heart some of the highest quality, freshest and quirky food I had across London... actually the UK as a whole, I did notice one stall frying pre-cut frozen chip (shock horror) and there was definitely a saturation of buns and sliders. I've come to expect high things and unfortunately I feel that this year the raw honesty of the event has suffered.
If you enter before 7pm it's free, but after 7pm you pay a £4 entrance fee. This doesn't get you anything, just entrance and a place to chill with good vibes and a DJ. Dishes vary in price by portions costing £7-£10 and are normally an ideal size to share between 2-3 people. I had a Yum Bun (£3.50 as we bought two) half a pulled pork bun (£7 per bun) and a tikka slider (£3). I would advise aiming to get there before 7 as not only is it free, but by the time we arrived at 9pm the best food was all sold out (apart from Yum Bun, which are the very best).
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