4 March 2015

Back to Ballet

If you've been reading this blog since 'the beginning' you probably may (but probably won't) remember me telling you a bit about how I used to dance and how I still love to dance in the kitchen (read the blueberry crumble loaf post for more on my love of kitchen mirrors)... Well, this term I've picked up ballet again. It's been 5 years since my last class, but a lot of the knowledge is still there. I've always wanted to pick up ballet again, but once you get past a certain age you either stop going or become bloody amazing. It's great attending an adult class that is both challenging, but where I have no stress of an exam to work towards.

Going to ballet class is great because...

...I'm practising my french. I forgot how much french I picked up when learning ballet the first time round and it's good to hear those beautiful french words again.

...my core is getting a damn beating. I forgot just how tough ballet is on the core and it's brilliant.
...I'm more aware of my posture.

...I can be vain for a whole hour. Tense and check yourself out in the mirror. (Clearly kidding!)

...it's relaxing. The classical music, the lack of talking, slow controlled movements all help me to escape my busy brain.

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