18 February 2015

Shrove Tuesday & Suggestions for Last Minute Lent

I've noticed a flood of healthy and alternative pancakes on my social media feeds this year, but my celebrations were much more traditional. I got my crepe maker out for the house and we did a HUGE batter (we're talking 1.5kg of flour, 10 eggs and 4 pints of milk) and they entertained themselves whilst I flipped and swivelled.

I pondered on the Blog of Beanie Facebook page earlier about the most important question on Shrove Tuesday (hint: I always have Nutella pancakes so that wasn't the question)... What was I going to do for lent this year? Now look I'm not particularly religious and I know some people think it's silly to do lent if you aren't religious. The same people probably complained about people making NY resolutions to go to the gym and hated all the couple-y people on Valentines Day. I'm not going start that discussion right now... all I'll say is that everyone knows if they follow my blog, that I love a challenge and I really enjoy having a refreshed purpose every once in a while (this year is #BeaniesBookClub for instance).

I had considering vegetarian again this year as I have really found that a struggle, but it would no doubt increase my repertoire. I also briefly thought I would try no carbs or no sugar, but realised that that was really not going to increase my happiness, so settled on something else.

For the next 46 days at 9pm I will list 5 positive things about my day. 

I'm fed up with moaning. I can't seem to help thinking that part of the reason I've been really struggling recently is that I have an attitude problem (any minute now I'm going to morph in to my mother for using that phrase) and that if I can some up 'man up' that my problems will solve themselves... Actually I think the key to all this is to be more positive. Start seeing the bright side, recognise accomplishments and hopefully this will give me the oomph to get on with it.

Here are five ideas for a last minute lent that you can do with no planning:

  • Keep a dreams diary, writing it as soon as you wake up. Sometimes it's the best way to work out what is worrying you.
  • Drink light clear liquids only - water, tea...vodka, gin and rum. Something fun to mix life up.
  • Follow my lead and list 5 positive things that have happened each day.
  • Every day randomly scroll through your phonebook and text the person you land on. Reconnecting with old friends can be so liberating
  • Take your vitamins every day. Everyone seems to be getting ill around me, so staying in good health with the help of vitamins and fresh fruit & veg will create great year-round habits.
What are you giving up this lent? Come and tell me on the new Blog of Beanie Facebook page.
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