14 February 2015

The Unromantic Truth About Online Dating According to Freakonomics #BeaniesBookClub

Happy Valentines Day! I love fluffy stuff and have no real problem with Valentines Day single or otherwise. BUT I know not everyone wants to see pictures of heart-shaped food, happy couples and gifts* and so instead I bring you some solid facts courtesy of Freakonomics, the latest book in my reading challenge. Using online dating data Freakonomics tells us the depressing truth about who is most likely to have secured a date today and it turns out that stereotypes live on. Here's some quick facts about the reality of real lust.

  • Of the sample of people on an online dating site 4% of the men were not only married, but 'happily married'. HOW? Enough said.
  • For men, they have more success if they state that they are seeking a long-term relationship and women will be appealing if they say they are looking for only an occasional lover.
  • Men are attracted by a women's for looks and women are attracted to rich men.
  • Rich women are as unappealing to men as poor women. This one really surprised me given how common it now is for women to be breadwinners, but it looks like successful women are still intimidating.
  • The research suggests male students have bad luck with online dating, but female students are sought after.
  • Amongst other professions, men want to date celebrities... BUT WHAT CELEBRITY GOES ON A DATING WEBSITE?!
  • And my favourite fact of all...
 "In the world of online dating, a headful of blond hair on a women is worth about the same as having a college degree".

I will go a full write-up of Freakonomics when I've read the whole book, but so far so fascinating!

*I hear you sigh... You wanted swathes of pink and red, heart-shaped cookies and cakes for two didn't you? See my posts from last year; Cherry Popcorn Cupcakes, Heart Brittle & Pink Coconut Macaroons.

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