7 February 2015

Five Places I Would Go Back to in a Heartbeat

It's not ungrateful to say you wish you could go back to the far flung countries you've already been. In fact sharing the bits I would do next time may just be what you need to help plan your own trip, so without further ado I present my list of the five places I would love to go back to from my four month trip round Asia (+Fiji) 

1 | Japan

I know Japan is a whole country which is humungous, but that's exactly why I want to go back. I would never have thought about Japan as a beach destination or a place to rediscover skiing, but it has all that PLUS its kooky thing that keeps me in awe.
If I went back I would... go to rabbit island, visit Hiroshima and venture to a few small traditional towns.

2 | Kuching, Borneo
Even though I had a good few nights in Kuching, I would love to go back. The city has all you need to set up base camp so you can venture out to the numerous national parks. 
If I went back I would... definitely try and stay overnight in Bako National Park and maybe a few others. By staying overnight you get the time to attempt the longer treks and you have a much better chance of spotting wildlife. Book well in advance or try your chances to get a last minute booking.

3 | Luang Prabang, Laos
The way of life here is slow and gentile, just the way I like it on holiday. Despite being essentially a sleepy town there was so much to do. 
If I went back I would... do yoga every day, go on a trek through the jungle, go inside the temples, see the Monks receiving alms and attend some Arty classes at Ock Pop Tok

4 | The Gili Islands, Indonesia
I had originally planned to treat myself to a week on Gili T at the end of my travels, before I swallowed a fish bone. To me this is the perfect tropical islands and just like Luang Prabang it packs a punch with its tiny square footage.
If I went back I would... explore the West side of the island, find that swing that Ester told me about, do a silver jewellery making class and watch a film on the beach every night.

5 | Fiji
Number 5 may come in as quite the surprise given my cautionary tales about Fiji. The last resort I stayed on before returning to mainland was paradise (Barefoot) and I took for granted at the time just how incredible the snorkelling was. It was unbeatable for the rest of the trip. As I can't dive, Fiji offered a great chance to see wonderful marine life.
If I went back I would... prove myself wrong and find 'my' Fiji. I would explore mainland and make it out towards Taveuni to see authentic Fiji.

...and the one that got away | Burma
It's like the guy you never went on a date with that you knew would be a keeper and the sale shoes that you wish you never resisted. It didn't seem right to end the list without mentioning the fact that Burma never quite happened. Plans changed, I was sick of the rainy season and took a punt, heading south to Malaysia. I don't regret it, but Burma will always be 'the one that got away'.
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