19 February 2015

7 Places You May Well Find Me This September

I'm planning to cram in as much to the latter half of the year as possible, as I will be on placement and working again. In other words my travelling funds will be replenished (hurrah!). My friend Maddie and I are looking to go somewhere for a long weekend away this September and I thought I would share with you our current shortlist. September is a great time to travel Europe as you're likely to have very pleasant weather, and the crowds of summer have started to subside. I take a lot of travel inspiration from Pinterest and quite a few of these places were pinned on there first.

If you have any thoughts or recommendations, please do comment below, tweet me or drop a post on BOB's Facebook page.

1 | Alberobello, Italy

A video posted by @toymilk on
2 | Innsbruck, Switzerland

A photo posted by Inka Auranen (@auraninka) on
3 | Marrakech

A photo posted by @lullomei on
4 | Giethoorn, Holland

5 | Nice, France

A photo posted by Gábor Nagy (@gabegreat) on
6 | Poznan, Poland

A photo posted by From R.I 2 NewYork n 2 Germany (@marvassil2015) on
7 | Santorini, Greece

A photo posted by L a i l a F a r j a l l a h ✌ (@_laila.f) on
Ps. Join me on Pinterest and share below any travel Pinterest boards of your own. In the distance I see a trip to South America... See my Pinterest travel board here.
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