7 January 2015

Spiced Apple Cake | First Date

I drafted this post over a year ago now, but never quite got round to publishing it. It was part of my challenge to complete all the recipes in the Hummingbird Bakery: Cake Day Recipe Book. Seeing as over a year has now passed and it holds such a special place in my heart, I thought it was about time to give this post some room to breath.

People always asked if I was 'box ticking' or getting bored by x month. The truth is we all have off days where we don't fancy doing what we love, or seeing who we love and we just want to curl up with 24hrs in A&E and indulge our laziness.

The day before my Dad's birthday [17th December 2013] was not the best time for Mr. Lazy to pay me a visit but it happened. I promised to bake Dad's birthday cake and I had plans to go out.
I was all over the place. I forgot at least 3 ingredients when I started to fill the cake tins. I tipped it back in the bowl, remembering second time round to to add the raising agent, apple and nuts. Not a minor blunder I could brush off.

As always I was cutting it fine to go out for a drink [my first date with Josh... over a year later we're still together!] after making a 4 tier birthday cake. I cockily decided that I would just half the number of layers rather than do two batches. In fairness I know if you leave batter for a length of time the quality of the rise decreases, but in my tired, lazy stupor I put the mixture in two tins anyway. It didn't work. It was never going to work. But I wasn't prepared to put the effort in for the cake at that point.
Once trimmed and all oven spillages were dealt with, the cake tasted pretty okay. I was saved by the cake goddess, but reminded myself that not all corners are there to be cut.

Quite frankly I don't know WHAT Hummingbird were thinking with the frosting... For a start with the 6 egg whites required, (10 for the total recipe) and nearly a pound of butter, I can't quite fathom how you can eat even a spoon of frosting, let alone a slice of this cake and not blew you're recommended fat, sugar and carb intake for the entire week. My stomach certainly couldn't hack that much fat and it really isn't that sensitive after a year of cake.
Ignore the times where I ballsed a recipe up due to deviating, and trust me when I say, prepare the eggs whites and sugar as per the books instructions, but please only add 250g of butter. The frosting seemed so runny, I don't think more butter would have helped the situation. Furthermore you've saved yourself a heart attack. Congrats!!

My favourite cake in a long time. This cake definitely has a genuine originality that some of the other recipes in the book lack. And it has Dad's seal of approval.
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