14 January 2015

Orange & Rosemary Cake | A Healthy Vegetable Cake

After a LOT of chocolate and Nutella my body was telling me enough was enough. I needed some variety in my diet. I needed some vitamins (vitamin C specifically... cough). I needed something fresh and zingy to revive myself. You know what settled on?.... Orange & Rosemary Cake.
This cake was from one of the recipe books I received for Christmas. It's a book that I knew I was getting. In fact I had been mentioning that I wanted it for Christmas for months, if not over a year, after borrowing it for months.
I have this habit of looking at people's recipe books when I go round their house. Some people make judgements of the tenants by the novels that line their shelves, the cleanliness of their toilet or the contents of their wardrobe, but for me it's the recipe books.

My brother's old flatmate Jenny has a great range of books (insert joke about complimenting her 'rack') from Nigella & Jamie numbers to Cook Yourself Thin recipe books. And Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache recipe book by Harry Eastwood, which she kindly lent to me for the best part of a year, before I finally put it on my Christmas list.
It's just so cleverly crafted. Each recipe includes a fruit or vegetable in it. Really. It's magic! We all eat carrot cake no problem, but suddenly shrink away at the thought of swede in our cake. It really does work though and each recipe is made with rice flour - so perfect for celiacs. Instead of sugar, the sponge is sweetened using honey, which I'm sure is much better than caster sugar.

Find Orange & Rosemary Cake recipe just through this link on Flutterby Bakery's website.
The texture might not be perfectly fluffy, smooth and light due to the ground almonds, but not all cakes are made the same. It's what I imagine a polenta cake to be like. Though that is a shoot in the dark as I've never actually HAD polenta cake. What it lacks in fluffiness it makes up for in syrup-and-orange-juice-soaked-sponginess.
In all honesty I didn't taste the rosemary, but then again I was very reserved with the sprigs as our little plant is looking somewhat sheepish and I didn't want to finish him off entirely.
The cake keeps well, largely due to the juice. Two days later and it tasted just as good as the first day.

Have you ever baked with vegetables?
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