24 January 2015

If running the London Marathon taught me anything about running...

I may have less than a decade of running under my belt and no science degree, but I think I may be able to offer some advice. If you're a beginner aiming for the stars or have good foundations, there are a few things to remember


Listen to your body. Running is no sport for martyrs. That twinge could be nothing or it could be something, but you just won't know until you've seen someone about it. Going to your doctor may be a long slog and the NHS is unlikely to cover you for treatment until it's already serious. Get to know a good osteopath (hello brother) or sports phyiso.

Running around Marina Bay Sands in Singapore


Get 'PROPER' running trainers. Many trainers are branded as running shoes, but will do you little good. Try places like Alton Sports (Farnham & Alton, UK) and Sweatshop (National) where they will do gait analysis. Don't be afraid to take the shoes back after a couple of runs as good sports shops will refit unsuitable shoes.

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Get a 'PROPER' sports bra. Even if you only have small boobs, the right bra will be more comfortable, give you the right support, stop your boobs heading south and prevent chaffing. Ladies, this is not a cleavage contest.

Support your training

Support your training with stretching sessions and workouts focusing on strength and core.
Runner's World recently published an article explaining how you use your core when running and most importantly exercises to strength them. 

Get Appy

I've always used Nike+ to track my runs. It's useful to see how far and how fast your going even when you're only jogging for 10 minutes at once.

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Nike Training Club offers a huge variety of workouts from 15 minute stretching, yoga or core workout 45 minute strength workouts. With running aficionados like Paula Radcliffe and constantly new content, it has remained in use for years. Their new design includes setting a four-week long program which can integrate running with Nike+.

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Other people use Strava and Walk Jog Run to track their distance and pace.

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