30 December 2014

New Challenge for 2015... Drumroll please...

I've comet to accept that it is an annual thing to set a challenge for myself just before the year is up. I guess they are New Year Resolutions, but I like to think of them as personal challenges or projects for a few reasons - I don't always start them in January, I have a track record of completing them (finishing BeaniesBakes, finishing the London Marathon & finishing the Country Challenge) and they have nothing to do with losing weight/transforming myself/breaking bad habits.

Given previous challenges it may shock you just how simple my challenge is for 2015. I need your help. Specifically I need your book recommendations, because in 2015 I would like to read 12 books.

That's it.

Twelve good book. They could be fiction or non-fiction, enlightening or entertaining... I don't mind actually I just want to read more. There is plenty of reasons to read.

So what books do you recommend I sink my teeth in to? I've only chosen two so far, so I'm all ears!

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