8 December 2014

Homemade Granola

I don't want to patronise anyone that is new to this making-your-own-food business, but I think that 98% of the population can manage this recipe. Now I am but a humble student, I realise that often the key to cooking is for one and in budget is adaptable recipes. You need to be able to chop and change ingredients depending on what you have in the cupboards, or things you get a good deal on. I've always said that I love to cook, but in reality a lot of the time we all just follow a recipe. Those who love to paint don't tend to paint by numbers so why do we cook by numbers? Hopefully you'll find ways of adapting recipes here on B.O.B and discover what things can be substituted to make your own unique recipes.

There's something about granola that makes you feel healthy. Half the granola in supermarkets isn't that healthy, but that doesn't stop the smug feeling creeping in after you've eaten a bowl. You know what would make you feel more smug though? Making your own!

Your base is your oats and I just used cheap basics oats here, but you could also add in some high fibre cereals like All Bran or Bran flakes.

Next you need some dried fruit. You can get dried fruit in packets from Lidl, or see what dried fruit is offered separately.

Adding seeds and nuts adds fibre, nutrients, healthy fats, minerals ...good stuff! I used a leftover seed snack pot from tesco and some walnuts.
Lastly you need to mix all this together with some honey and bake in the oven.
When I made my granola it was heavy on the extra bits, but to make it go further add more of your oats.

My recipe is as follows, but like I said feel free to adapt it:
200g Oats
80g Almond, fruit & seed topper (From Lidl)
60g Seed Mix (little snack pack from Tesco)
40g Walnuts
100g Honey

Baked at 210 degree Celsius on a tray roughly one cm deep with ingredients for 5 minutes, before turning. Bake until a golden brown.

I've pinned some ingredient ideas to this board. Loads of the supermarkets have great own-brand ranges of all the ingredients mentioned. Although the ingredients mentioned may come to more than a box of granola, it will be healthier to do it yourself and long-term cheaper.
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