20 December 2014

Guide to a Weekend Break in 'The Middle Of Nowhere'

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this is the first time that I have used Airbnb despite knowing of its existence for years. The trip started as a alternative Christmas city break to Budapest. I read about going to the baths in winter and it sounded ideal. The problem can when we were restricted to only two nights. After the country challenge I wanted to enjoy quality travel: I'd proved the point that you can always fit in travel when you want to and don't regret it, but I had no intention of just 'fitting in' Budapest. And so we begrudgingly did what everyone does in the end - compromise. This is what our compromise looked like...
Ok, so it's nothing like Budapest, but some things happen for a reason and I think this worked out a lot better. After a busy few months starting Uni and the busy few weeks that always result with the preparation for Christmas, a weekend away from busy crowds was great.

...And guess what? My phone signal was flawless. Of course I'm joking! It was like something out of a film. See Wild Child where she turns up at her English boarding school, The Holiday where she turns up at her English cottage and Leap Year where she travels from Cardiff to Dublin. 

As always, here are some pearls of wisdom from yours truly to assist with your escape to 'The Middle Of Nowhere':

1//Have directions printed the old fashioned way. Think about it for a second; if you exit maps app you're screwed.

2//Bring snacks, because you won't find a Little Waitrose down the lane.

3//Suitable clothing is a necessity. It seems obvious, but even a pair of slippers might be mistakenly missed. Lucky for me, an early Birthday present from my Grandpa meant I had the footwear covered.

4//Plan where and what you're going to eat. Our lovely Airbnb host gave us a long list of recommendations, but if you don't have such a resource given to you on a plate (pun-ny) then look on trip advisor, message a hotel in the area or ask at a petrol station on the way. I would take breakfast items with you as you're not going to want to make a trek out to the nearest village for some toast (or even a full english).

5//Plan what your days might look like. If one of you wants to walk 5 miles before breakfast and the other is expecting just a lie-in with a view, this break could swiftly turn in to a break-up.
I've had a great experience with Airbnb. I would definitely recommend it for a large variety of options (rooms only and whole residences) and budgets.
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