17 July 2014

Hong Kong - "And the rest.."

It seems I really did pack in a lot to a short stay. Hong Kong and Nutella turned out to have a lot in common - I love them both and my appetite is endless. In fact Hong Kong would make it to the first page of destinations I'd most like to return to. Here is the best of the rest of my trip.

By chance, me and Jeremy decided to go to explore the museums on some sort of national museum day (he wouldn't go to disneyland). On the plus side, entrance was free to all the museums, but with this comes the crowds and kids.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Next to many of the other museums, right on the river by Tsu Sha Tsui pier (Kowloon Side), this museum has size on its side. Although there was some interesting pieces and some of it was well labelled, it didn't 'grab' me. I did like this duo though.

... And I would definitely hang this up in my house.
It was interesting to find out what some of the symbols for luck, money, health etc. were and it kept us entertained for an hour or so. Maybe have this one on the back burner for a day with torrential rain?

Any museum session deserves a treat, enjoyed in the fresh air. Call me sad, but there nothing like a skinny hazelnut cappuccino to remind you of friends, home and rushed lunch breaks.

In the vicinity, there was also some big sculptures on show which can be enjoyed before or after the nightly lights show (or of course during the day).

Hong Kong Space Museum

This museum in particular was popular with mothers and their darlings. It was fun to wander, but honestly the best part was the toy shop... Ooo and the 'walking on the moon' simulator. There was a little queue for it and a selective height and weight limit, but it was worth the harness rub for 10 mins of fun. The museum seemed a little dated, but had lots of interactive displays and mixed up the itinerary. It's right by Tsim Sha Tsui/Hong Kong Museum of Art/here...

Hong Kong a Symphony of Lights

As if the skyline wasn't impressive enough, every night at 3pm the buildings get their jazz hands out and razzle dazzle for those on the river banks.

You can view the debacle from both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon side, but there was great atmosphere Kowloon side and it's supposedly the better side to watch from, as there is music and English narration. Crowds can get a couple of people deep, but I'm short and didn't have too much trouble getting a good view and I arrived maybe 15 mins before the start.

Seeing as this is a freebie, you'd be silly not to try and catch it, but ...*whispers* if you miss it then you're not a complete donkey.

Mong Kok

This is an area of Hong Kong rather than an attraction, but when I met up with Gloria (who's a HK native that I met in Osaka) she took me here for a local experience. It was such an awesome area to wander around.

It made me want to spin round in circles with my arms rasied like they do in the movies. I held back and had a bog standard grinning photo instead. It's a great place to try out some Hong Kong munch on the go (see last post).

Mong Kok is only one stop away from Tsim Sha Tsui.


Anything that can be identified with only three letters is going to be infinitely cool. At the weekend this is zee place to be, yarzzz. Everyone heads here, buys their beers from the 7/11 and just unwinds on the street.

It's like a street party with expats, tourists and locals mingling. You could stay on the street all night, grabbing a huge pizza slice on your way home OR you could bar hop and go to a club. Note if you're going in to a club, it's worth making an effort as girls and guys do get dressed up (dresses, heels etc.) - flip flops are certainly not the done thing.

Like I've already said, I'd love to go back to Hong Kong and still feel there are half a dozen things already on my list. A huge thank-you to Gloria for her recommendations and for coming out to party the night before your flight!!

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