16 July 2014

Eating in Hong Kong - Locals Choice

I wouldn't be loyal to my foodie routes without covering the food in Hong Kong.

Dim Sum @ Tim Ho Wan

Actually during my first stopover in Hong Kong I only had one proper meal after I got served rice with luke warm chicken and had a minor freak out. The next morning, ravenous we went to Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan and balance was restored. It remains one of my favourite meals from my entire trip. It was mentioned by Gloria (my HK friend) and both sets of hostel staff. It's actually Michelin Star (!!) dim sum and incredibly reasonable. I love the aubergine below, sticky rice in banana lead and pork buns, all of which blew my mind and burnt a lasting impression in my mind. There are locations across the city and at central you can expect a loooooong wait. Whilst in the queue they will give you a little form to just tick the boxes. Don't think, just get one of everything - you'll finish it if you're a group of about 4 and you can always take it away. We ordered more BBQ pork buns JUST to take away.

Find out more.

All Day Hong Kong Breakfast

I couldn't see this coming at ALL. There are two elements to HK breakfast. On a plate you get toast, scrambled egg and a Frankfurter-type sausage. And in the blow you get macaroni, chunky vegetables and an almost tomato sauce that Heinz would be proud of. This is food comforting and reminded me off home. A surprising hit.

Bubble Tea

You might already be familiar with bubble tea as it's really taking off across the world. In Hong Kong it's huge. You can get a whole range of flavours and also have these balls in the bottom. Gloria generously let me try the bubble tea before telling me about the numerous 'sucking balls' jokes and taglines that people use.

This was surprisingly good. The bubbles/balls are made from rice and the texture is a little chewy, but tasteless in themselves. It was an odd thing, but I actually quite liked it!

Street Stalls

Street vendors sell these I'm little cups - you only have to tell them how many you want. They come with a dash of spicy sauce and the fish balls are Gloria's favourite.

Traditional HK Eatery

Gloria explained that this is what Hont Kong used to be like back when it was under British rule and we just stumbled upon this place. She'd seen it before and it was popular despite the fact that it was certainly somewhere I would have overlooked myself.
This pineapple ice was icy cold and refreshing though so sweet it will make you wince.
We had the French toast as Gloria had never tried it and the place was known for it, but it was unlike any French toast I'd tried and looks more like battered fish. Again it was syrupy sweet. Although not entirely unpleasant, it was enough to defeat us for the night.

There was so much I didn't try and some more of roasted goose, BBQ pork rice and Wanton... But as someone said recently "That's what next times are for!"

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