7 July 2014

3 Fun Ways to Travel Aimlessly in Hong Kong

Take the tram

The trams in Hong Kong are much less frequented by tourists than they should be. They take you across many stops on Hong Kong island, but actually we got on with no aim other than to take in the sights from a new level.

Impossibly slim, rather like the Night Bus in Harry Potter, then glide across the city. You will need exact change if you're not using your Octopus card - which I recommend getting 167%. Octopus cards can be bought from the station. You could high five a local if you had one willing...

Take the star ferry

The star ferry is often seen as an icon and I love it.

A bracing, windy crossing makes me smile, as do the little stars that can be found on the boat. The boats are old school and give you good views of the river as well as being very very cheap. You can pay a big lump of gold and do a longer tourist cruise, but the little crossing cruise can we repeated 10 times over for the same price and I just didn't really deem it necessary.
You can get the boat at night when the lights are doing their thing, which is also fun.

Take the escalator to the mid levels

The novelty of using an elevator on a street is great, especially when you can keep going up for half an hour and still not reach the top. Allow some time, bring some water, a good soundtrack/funny company and get lost in the journey up, up, up.




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