17 June 2014

Half Way - "Glass half full"

Two months ago today, on the 17th of April I said my tears goodbyes and now [I can't quite believe] I am exactly halfway through my trip. I want to take a moment to look back on my highlights, challenges and experiences so far and share them with you.

Quick Statistics

Countries visited: 7

Flights taken: 7

Days travelling: 61 days

Number of SIM cards used: 5

Items I remember losing: Playsuit, leggings, top, tweezers, cotton dressing gown, comb

Money spent: Too much!

...and more from the first half of my trip

Favourite destination so far... Japan really exceeded my expectations and is the country I talk about most avidly.

Most moving experience... Going to the weekly concert at Siem Reap's children's hospital.

Friendliest locals... I have found to be the Cambodians - their sense of humour is priceless.

Biggest challenge... After a bad journey to Kyoto I stayed in bed the next day til after midday in my cabin hotel because I was just exhausted physically and emotionally.

Favourite activity... The bicycle trip in Hoi An along the paddy fields, meeting some locals, riding the buffalo and a sunset boat trip - was the best value and just crammed so much in to this surprisingly relaxing activity.

Catchphrase... "Jesus take the wheel."

Best culinary experience... Eating my first Michalin star meal - dim sum in Hong Kong.

... And the two months ahead

At this point it would be very easy to start getting sad about time being stolen away from me at an alarming rate, but I'm looking at the glass half full - I still have two months left. That's over four times the length of a 'normal' summer holiday.

I can't wait to travel Indonesia with Josh, Thailand with Rachel and maybe bump in to new friends as I also visit Myanmar before returning home. Best half til last d'ya think?

Ps. As I travel to the Gilli Islands I will be listening to Mollie's track over and over again. It was launched on Sunday and I just really love it. To have a listen about how travelling inspired the track, see the links below and spread the word. Well done Mollie!! :)


https://soundcloud.com/molliebylett ...to listen to more tracked and her interview with BBC introducing.
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