10 June 2014

3 Hikes in Fiji

Although there were times where I questioned Fiji, on ranch island I went to I thoroughly enjoyed going for a good 'ole walk. A lot of people go to Fiji is be waterbabiss, but for me and my perforated eardrum, the land was my playing ground.

Island Walk on Mana Island

Mana or 'Magic' Island is reasonable small and home to a few resorts. Ratu Kinis, Mana Lagoon Backpackers, Mana Island Resort, and Tadrai Island. The latter two are 'proper posh' places and closed off to anyone but guests, as the guard likes to remind you. So when it comes to and island walk, it's half an island walk really, then you cut back through the village up the hill, enjoying the view as you go.
When we were there the weather was calm which meant crystal clear reflections.
Powdery sand and shall rock pools with hermit crabs, were the order of the day.
Once we enjoyed a paddle to cool off, it was up the hill we go through the palms and flanked by long grass.
Oh and the island has a few dogs that may well follow you round. Look out for Lazy Lauren and her puppies, which should be born any day now!

Sunset Hike on Wayalailai

Now when I say hike, I mean an actually hike. You need all four limbs you'll get out of breath, dripping in sweat and balance along a rock. It takes about an hour up and a little more back as your now working in the dark.

It felt so good to be sweating because I was actually working hard, rather than just from the humidity. I missed the feeling of having a workout and it was only when I did this I realised that!
Climbing over the last rock is jelly-legs scary. Somehow the momentum of the walk made getting to the rock easier. Then you plonk yourself down for sunset and suddenly the return journey seems like a crazy idea.
Watching the sun set behind the rock was a memorable night and worth the climb. In fact I very nearly decided to do the sunrise hike before I left the next day.

Barefoot Hike on Barefoot Island.

In comparison to Wayalailai this hike is a gentle one. There are three viewpoints and it's well posted.

The first viewpoint is on top of this cliff. This is also where you can absail from... (Amazing amazing amazing... Sam, the instructor is fab)

The second overlooks sunrise side and has loads of rocks you can perch and read on. Bring something to sit on because the rocks aren't smooth and there can be ants or goat droppings.
Third viewpoint is where you can view sunset. The goats will keep you company. They were introduced by a neighbouring village and no-one really knows how many there are.

Guests are encouraged to take a hike whenever they fancy, but advised to inform reception they're going.

Along the hike where all these mini plants and flowers which I loved. At first it all seems green, but them look closely and there they are - miniature flowers. Could you identify a pineapple plant if you saw one?

Fiji definitely made me realised how much I enjoyed a nature walk and I'm definitely going to keep looking for them when they arise... Maybe I should do an overnight hike? What hikes would you recommend?

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