2 May 2014

Tokyo - Rappongi Art Night & Andy Warhol "Right place, right time"

This post is purely anacdotal really. These events are things that I happened to stumble upon, being in the right place at the right time. Go to the tourist centre at Tokyo Metropolitan Building and see what events are on when you're there. Keep an eye out for 'Time Out Tokyo' which is in some tube stations.

Rappongi Art Night
I noticed the leaflet for this in the tourist centre (below Tokyo Metropolitan Building) picked it up and thought maybe I would take a look. With little else to do, considering museums the had closed for the day, I headed to Rappongi and again picked up a more detailed booklet. It had English translations, but being tired and impatient and not knowing where any of the locations were I soon gave up. It didn't matter though because things started to just appear around me. 

All types of installations and pop up galleries.

This one particularly created quite a crowd as the furry shape was manovered in to Rappongi Hills.

This one was probably my favourite though. A collection of artworks by young artists from Jakarta. Two of the pieces were being created as the night went on. 

And people were encouraged to pin items to this one to create a college... Right up my street.

I think the view may have helped.

Andy Warhol -15 Minutes Eternal - Exhibition at the Mori Art Museum
After taking in the view on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills (see previous post) I was about to go down the exit (quite literally), but talked myself in to the Andy Warhol exhibition. Yes, it would be a bit of extra money, but I love him and I'd missed my Art fill for the day after some dodgey map reading. (See previous post.) Boy am I glad I changed my mind. There was SO much in this exhibition that I took hours going round it, drinking each inch in.

There were examples of his early sketches, photography, videos, commercial work, a life size replicas of his studio and last but not least and certainly not expected.. His time capsules. These normal cardboard boxes filled with things, give you an insight in to the life of this rather strange artist. 

Rather than rave on about an exhibition you unfortunately won't get to see (it ends its Asia tour in Tokyo, finishing in May) here are some things me and Warhol have in common:
- Charity Work. It appears he donated something to a charity that work to get disabled people employed.
- Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturiser
- Visiting Japan (!!)
- Hoarding. I am the worst for keeping special booking of 'things' - tickets, programmes, momentos. Warhol packed up boxes of similar items then just kept them.

And for those at home I have a quote for you...
"You need to suddenly find the small things that bored you interesting."
... That's what travelling is all about for me - the small things, but you don't need a RTW ticket to appreciate those!
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