20 April 2014

Tokyo // This City hosts one of the marathon majors, so where are the runners?

No Runners

There's a Tokyo marathon included as part of the Marathon Majors, but I am yet to see more than one handful of people run! Lucky my knee isn't up to it or I'd be tempted to buck the trend!

Fun sounds and ads
As I used the subway today I really noticed how reminiscent of Pokemon the subway sounds are. It's quite fun really. Similarly adverts and signs make use of cute graphic little characters, EVEN for builders. Japan electro-cute-pop-ifies everything!!

Smoking is wide spread amongst the old and young in Tokyo. You can smoke inside and buy cigarettes from vending machines. However you cannot smoke on the street, because a little cartoon tells you so!!

Tokyo has made provisions for the disable
Many subways have lifts and the streets have raised yellow paths for the partially sighted to follow. This was a pleasant surprise for me.

Cycling is allowed on the pavements - there are markings to tell you so. Cyclists must obey crossing rules in regards to waiting for the green man. 

I noticed secure bike parking in the centre (in places like Shijinku) and when I was in the suburbs (looking for a museum) each house had a bike outside. It's rather like Amsterdam though - there doesn't seem to be set rules and they can come from anywhere!

Heated seats, noises, buttons, sprays... the rumours are true.

Instant Noodles
These can be bought from corner shops, vending machines and holes in the wall. The one I chose was pretty special though - it had flowers in it.

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