20 April 2014

Saying Goodbye

True to form, my goodbye couldn't be without a truck full of sugar. Some made by me and Mollie and some made by my wonderful friends. There was a LOT of talking, a LOT of hugs and today especially (as I sit in the airport) a LOT of tears.

Everyone forgets to tell you how bitter sweet the goodbyes are. A lot of people travel because they have nothing to lose - maybe they've lost their job, their love or their passion for life. I have experienced none of these. I've left a good job, an incredible family, a gaggle of fantastic friends, a lovely boyfriend, just completed a marathon and my health is amongst the best it will ever be. So why go? 

Opportunities are never guarunteed. Life is short. The world is my oyster. And WHY NOT? Life isn't selective and I don't know when this opportunity may fade immediately, forever.

So for now, I will be hours from home with 11kg of luggage and a whole lot of nerves, but I know those people are still there routing for me and this blog will be a piece of home. I hope you'll keep up with my adventure and share your own summers with me too!

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