12 April 2014

Final Preparations for the #LondonMarathon

In 24 hours it will all be over. The months of training, the hundreds of pounds of donations, the tears and the biofreeze.

So here's how the last preparations went.

Final Run

After my final osteopathic appointment I went for a 3 mile run round the lake to try out some insoles. I'm still in two minds if they help things. On one hand my foot feels more supported, but I haven't done any of my training with them in - if the osteopath thinks it could be worth it, then surely it could be? It was a beautiful run and reminded me why I enjoy running - just the boost I needed.


In the week running up to the marathon you have to go collect your number from the Excel Centre in London, a MAHUSIVE exhibition space big enough for the grand London Marathon Expo. You arrive and everything is in bright red. 

The well oiled machine gives you your number, kit bag and chip. From here you can leave and be on your way... or go in and enjoy the hundreds of stalls. There are charities welcoming their runners, sponsors showing off their gear, installations for runners to make their mark on and lots of shops to buy last minute bits. 

It's a bit ironic to be buying things last minute as this is exactly what people advise against doing - wearing or using anything you haven't already tried out. Well as they say "the best made plans always run awry" and I will be using both a new bum bag and a new sports bra.

Getting Final Sponsors

As I got my place through the ballot, there was no need to raise a certain amount. Actually I didn't need to raise even a penny, but as a lot of people do I wanted to. It's been a tough year for my Dad after his epilepsy came and shook life up a bit. Epilepsy Action where there for advice and support - so I chose them.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity for virtual strangers as well as my family, framily, friends and colleagues. It's always the ones you don't expect and these messages of encouragement and faith mean soOOOoooOOOOooooo much. 

If you're reading this Facebook friend... THANK-YOU for allowing me (kinda) to fill up your Facebook feed.

Organising your team

I know I'll cry when I see them tomorrow, but that's OK - marathons are goddamn emotional. My team will be accompanied by this handsome fella, so I shouldn't miss them!!


IF I were to do a marathon again I would up the anti on this one, but... I have been carbo loading like an absolute pro. If there is one thing I can do and do well it is MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Given my surprise cold this week (surprise!!) I've been loading up on the vitamins and lots of broccoli (for the vitamin C).

Laying out the kit

It's going to be an early start getting up at 5.45am (latest... after snoozes) so I wanted absolutely everything ready to go. At the Expo you get a kit bag which you label with your number. It's large enough for lots of layers of clothing, snacks and all the bits and bobs you need.

That bum bag contains a jelly baby a mile and two gels (so I can pretend I'm a pro) which I already tried out on my longer runs. It also contains a few sachets of biofreeze which I will attempt to administer without taking my running bottoms off (yeah right).

One of my favourite things from the Expo are these bands which help to give you an idea of how long it should take you to get to each mile. I'm not even sure what to expect, so I picked up a nice selection.

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