10 April 2014

Amsterdam 'The Collection' - Trip 5

I quite like doing these little collections of items. It's like a 3D scrapbook of my travels. and takes much less time, plus I can add in big objects.

Stamps in Amsterdam are very reasonable and you can buy a set of about 10 for around 6 euros. Perfect for postcards.

The Hard Rock Cafe may not be very Dutch, but it hit the spot for a rather 'delicate' last lunch... and filled us up for our flight home. I've been taking Neurofen consistently to get rid of any swelling in the legs, ready for the marathon.

The blue floral postcard was from the Van Gough Museum (more to come). Tomaz restaurant was a highlight of the trip (more to come).

Sandeman's New Europe tours are great. The free tour is entertaining and a good way to get your bearings. We did this in Berlin too and loved it. Get there on time and pick up your ticket from a guide.

Taking a separate purse and adding a set amount of money each day as a 'kitty' meant everyone spent equally and saved time at tills - no need for 4 transactions or splitting a bill.

What would a trip be without a few souvenirs. This 'home is in your head' tee shirt really spoke to me - only one week til travelling. I've decided I'm going to collect I [heart] [city] tee shirts, frame them and make them wall art.

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