2 April 2014

11 days Til the London Marathon

Everyone wants there to be a magic fix. There are magic fixes I dare to argue. Antibiotics, casts and morphine are pretty damn magical. There are good fixes like putting pins in knee caps, ice on a swollen ankle and paracetamol. Then there are all other fixes. These are the fixes which which 'could' 'should' and 'would' work 'if', 'but' and 'when'. Physio, creams, vitamins, special nutrition, hypnotherapy. How many of these fixes would you try for something you really want?

I went for another treatment today and it felt like the others - painful, but possibly getting me one step closer to good healthy muscles. We all just want answers and this session was no different. Do I run? And should I run a couple of miles or quite a few miles? Do I cross train or is this pointless? Do I stretch and tone with pilates... or yoga? Will I cause permanent damage if I run the marathon? Will I cause enough damage to hinder my chances of enjoying travelling?

I tried an ice bath after I got back from Amsterdam this weekend, hoping this would give me some relief like it did after the 20 mile run. We all know really that no-one can give me the magic fix and no-one can giving me the answers I'm looking for sooner than they can tell you the answers to your exam; whether the new job is a good idea; or whether giving your friend another chance is worth it.

What does help is my emotions. Whether my body is ready or not, my mind still needs to be ready. I need to feel like I've done everything I can. I need to trust that my body is ready. And I know I have a huge community of support. They won't let me fail.

What answers are you searching for?

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