12 March 2014

Cake for One - "Bad things happen to good people"

I know what you're thinking. Oh no. She's emotional unstable, drowning herself in delicious chocolate crumbs and claiming that a clearly oversized cake is 'for one'. She's had her heart broken and is wailing oven a brownie cake (with more chocolate and chocolate icing) and watching The Notebook.

This is not the case. Instead I have been without a wifi (very sad) and the landline (reasonably happy - no more parent PA duties) for over a week. It makes posting a tad tricky as the photos are on the wrong device, the app's abilities are limited, my 3G is shoddy (thanks GiffGaff/O2) and the work PC runs on an acient browser. You see - I haven't been holed away in heartache!

And then fate/irony/karma stuck me down again. Given my persistant injury I have just decided that I need to try SOMETHING in the gym to keep my fitness up and remain sane. I packed my stuff up ready to go straight there from work (twice). The first time I did this I forgot my contact lenses and had to 'go it blind'. The second time I forgot my trainers. I asked my Mum to be a doll and drop them off to me. She rocked up to the gym with my trainers... in her slippers. DILEMMA. Do I run through the gym in socks or make her walk up in slippers? I chose my dignity over hers and made her asked nicely if she would bring them to me in the fitting room.

I must ask you why these things happen...particularly on a Monday?

AND THEN. I put my physio in to the old sat nav last night to get me to my destination swiftly after work. It decided to direct me on the wrong motorway in completely the wrong direction until I was 47 minutes away from my intended destination. I realised with 15 minutes til the start of my appointment. NAAAAAAD gonna happen. Luckily I managed to rearrange.

When these things happen I feel entitled to eat cake. And despite a turbulent week or two I found a perfect little cake tin to bake my frustrations away. I was thinking of University/moving out when I bought it - it is perfect for the times when all you want is a bit of cake without draining your [limited] food supplies or contributing to the freshman 15. I'm praying as a British citizen I'm spared of the freshman 15?...

The photos above use the same tin, but triple the mixture and an almond butter icing to sandwich them all together.

Cake Recipe for One

3oz Margarine (Stork)
3oz Caster Sugar
3oz Self-Raising Flour
1 egg

1. Cream the butter and sugar until well combined.
2. Add the egg to the mixture. Gradually add the flour.

For your icing just mix a small mound of icing sugar with a few teaspoons of water and a few drops of food colouring. I do this by eye and you should decide to do the same! Start with a small mound and add water a teaspoon at a time.

EAT WARM KIDS - you won't regret it.
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