14 March 2014

8 things you can cross off your travelling 'to do' list TODAY

8.00am: If your Doctors Surgery is like mine then you can phone in and book appointment from 8am. Book yourself in for an appointment with the nurse and sort out your jabs.

8.30am: If you get the tube/train/a lift to work utilise this time. Rather than refresh twitter head to the Government Website and sign up for alerts. You select the specific countries that apply to you and any changes to these pages will land in your inbox.

11.00am: Step away from elevenses. You may be distracted from your work at this time, but instead of snacking, purchase a money tin and keep it somewhere visible (like your desk). Each day empty your purse of coins. I like these ones - £500 tin for pound coins AND/OR a £100 tin for pound coins AND/OR travel fund tin for other coins and notes - all of which have to be opened with a tin opener. No cheating.

1.00pm: Sign up for Pintrest if you are not already a user. Start making a wish list using their handy new Place Pins. When you hear about a place you fancy, add this to your Pinterest board as a reminder. Nearer the time you can work out the most effective route, but this lunchtime, it's all about dreaming. A board for each country may be sensible.

3.00pm: You're distracted again? Take a quick break and sign up for a Flickr account. They give you 1terabyte of free storage to upload your photos while your away. Even if you're not interested in sharing photo albums with your friends and family using Flickr, it's a simple way to back up your photos as you go.

5.30pm: On your way home, use Shazam to tag any songs you like the sound off on the radio or Spotify's free radio feature to expand your music library. One thing you will NOT want to be thinking about on the shores of a beach, is how sick you are of your iPod.

7.00pm: Go to your local superstore and get a set of passport photos printed - you will need lots for Visas, but print only one copy. (You will see why later.) Read this post for beauty tips.

10.00pm: Pick up your guidebook to read before you go to sleep. Reading before you sleep is good to unwind as it requires fewer senses than watching the telly, therefore relaxing your mind. If you haven't gone to the library yet, then purchase a ebook edition - particularly useful if you're taking your Kindle with you as this is much lighter and smaller than the paper copies.*

*I like Lonely Planet's guides. You can buy only chapters like this one. If you sign up for their emails they often have offers on their ebooks.
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