19 February 2014

#WaffleWednesday Dust Waffles

My motivation behind this trying this recipe?... Curiosity. Truthfully, I wanted to try it and rip it apart, to drag you all away from the New Year New Me bollocks and firmly back to your brownie devouring/cookie addicted/desperate chocoholic ways. I've taken it upon myself to rename this recipe 'Dust Waffles' half as a joke, because if you take all the supposedly 'bad things' out of food you know what you'd left with?... Yes - DUST.

 I feel a bit resentful to these waffles. There contain no grains, nor sugar, nor salt. There is no diary in sight. These waffles will come boldering through your door screaming healthy proclamations and yet surprisingly you will accept them. I promise you'll make them again, because I actually think that they can even be yummy.

I feel for people with allergies. I myself have dairy intolerance*, egg intolerance and a fat intolerance**. I appreciate that sometimes you have to give up the cream, the wheat, the nuts, the seafood and the strawberries. I also understand that sometimes voluntarily giving up certain foods can work miracles (see Deliciously Ella for an inspiring, engrossed read) BUT if there are two things that form my food mantra they are...

"EVERYTHING in moderation" 

I mean it... There are articles for and against the consumption of every food out there so play it safe and don't get stuck eating a limited feast.

"Listen to your body"

If you eat 'x' and it gives you a headache (hello scrambled eggs) then see what else you could eat instead. If you eat 'y' and you experience a slump after you eat or drink it (hello, coffee) then reduce your intake. The more I listen to my body, the more I realise the signs are there. This is something I've started to do more of recently and was something highlighted to me by a professional last year. It had never occurred to me to actually think how my body felt before and after I had eaten certain foods.

SO for people who need/want to be gluten free.... here is a waffle for you. And actually it's a mighty fine substitute. They are definitely more delicate than normal waffles, but Mum said it kept her full until lunch, unlike her normal bowl of cereal. This is comment is definitely something to run with as recieving a compliment from my Mum about my baking is like waiting for a white Christmas. These waffles don't really Chrisp up, so carefully loosen your waffles from the pan to keep them in one piece.


1 Banana
1 Apple
1 1/2 Arrowroot Powder (or cornflour if that is what you have to hand)
1/2 Bicarb
75g Nuts - I used almonds the first time and cashews the next, but you can try walnuts etc.
2 eggs

1. First, put your nuts in the blender (OUCH! Sorry male readers - didn't mean to make you squirm) and blend them until they form a really smooth paste. Be patient - this could take up to 10 minutes. Well done you just made yourself Almond Butter.

2. Add to the blender small lumps of banana and slices of apple until it forms a smooth paste.

3. Add the dry ingredients, the eggs and the vanilla essence. Whizz until well combined and smooth.

4. Add the mixture to the waffle grill using a ladle. The amount of mixture you need and the time it takes to cook will depend on the size and temperature of your waffle iron.

5. Toppings: nutella, syrups, jams, ice cream, yoghurt, crushed nuts, fresh fruit, cheese, bacon etc.

*Thankfully my diary intolerance is mild (some say selective - though this certainly isn't 100% true). I still eat diary in small quantities - hard cheeses, chocolate and even most ice cream. I avoid high fat diary like creme fraiche, never eat cream and don't touch soft cheese and milk with a fat content higher than 1%. It may not seem very scientific, but as a general rule the higher the fat; the higher ratio of diary; and the more liquid it is; the more likely I am to have a reaction.

**This is much less prominent than the diary intolerance, but I do find that deep-fried/high fat food has an effect on me. Much like diary this is more likely to flare up on an empty stomach. On the way back from Tenerife me and Rach were met with rather limited options in terms of food, so opted for a Burger King. I am not a snob about fast food as there is a time and a place... but on the Burger King scale (0/10 Burger King is finding a small rodent in your food VS. 10/10 Burger King is perfectly crispy, perfectly salted, freshly prepared, still hot and eaten with a hangover) it was a 0.0761/10 and my stomach flared up badly.
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