11 February 2014

"In case of emergency, break heart" - Chocolate Berry Brittle

I toyed between making a caramel brittle and a chocolate brittle before finally leaning towards the chocolate. Let's be honest, when you're watching a film and drowning your feelings with a bottle of wine, chocolate is the only accompaniment that seems natural. 

When I've had a bad day, there is nothing more satisfying than smashing shit up. And aparently the world agrees. With this heart you can stamp on it, punch it or hit it with your stiletto and at the end you will be left with shards of gloriousness and immense satisfaction... And it the brittle just looks so damn pretty.

"In case of emergency, break heart" Chocolate Berry Brittle


400g chocolate - any combination of white/milk/dark. I used 200g white + 200g dark.
4 tbsp dried mixed berries - I used a berry mix from Lidl which included cranberries, raisins and cherries.
2< tbsp mini marshmallows

1. Break your chocolate in to squares and put in microwaveable bowls according to type. Blast in the microwave for 30 second intervals, switching the bowls each time... So pop in your dark chocolate for the 30 seconds and when that is done pop your white in for 30 seconds and mix the dark chocolate while you wait. The retained heat will continue to melt the chocolate without burning it. Switch again, giving the dark another 30 seconds and mixing the white. Continue until both are melted.

2. Line your mould with cling film. You could make a heart mould out of several layers of tin foil, folded in to shape. Or you can scrap the heart theme and use a square tin, or even just a plate with a lip.

3. Pour your chocolate in lines of alternating colour - this doesn't need to be overly neat and shouldn't be too tricky.

4. Using a cocktail stick drag it through the melted chocolate perpendicular to the strips of chocolate. Rather than doing straight lines and attempting to remove the cocktail stick each time, you can do a zig zag going all the way from one end of the mould to the other.

5. Place the marshmallows at the end of the smears, equally spaced or just go wild and throw them randomly over the molten chocolate. The same goes for your berries. At first I thought I would place all the red berries on the white chocolate and the raisins on the dark chocolate. I soon realised that I much preferred the scatter method for the berries.

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