17 February 2014

Berlin Collection

My fourth trip saw me and Lucy off to Berlin. If you haven't heard about my latest challenge then I'll give you the seven word update - new country each month for 12 months.

We all know how it goes... you sign up to Groupon for cheap manicures but then send you  the city break emails. Combine these with emails from Voyage Prive, Secret Escapes and Skyscanner and you have potent combination that leaves you infested with the travel bug. Once infected, you find yourself looking on kayak for cheap flights to warehouse airports at obscure times, just so you can "tick a city off your bucket list". You start reading blog posts about the best credit cards for air miles, despite the fact it will take you 10 years to earn enough to redeem them. You favourite tweets and pins with quotes like “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” (The Prophet Mohammed). You send links to your best buddy with the perfect 3-day Berlin itinerary. You realise that if you book now flights are only £x and so you book. Before your credit card knows what it's agreed to, you've paid for the trip and you start counting down the days...

I recently purchase the Farpoint 40 backpack. I'm hoping to take it travelling round Asia in April.
Lucy bought me some gloves for the trip and remembered to pack my furry hat last minute. Phew. You can see the primary colours of the Berlin souvenir bags and also the daily transport cards.
We made friends with two awesome Australians and abused the photo booths late at night. Also a postcard from Monsieur Vuong.
It seems everyone has the same idea - to only take hand luggage - so we had to check in our bags last minute as there was no space on board. Gotta love squeezyjet.
Room 102 at Wombats - great view of the TV tower. You can also see the bright pink bag of a Monsieur Vuong take away. There is also the map from the disappointing art gallery - Hamburger Bahnhof.
Our schnitzel bill and the leaflet from the Reichstag building.
Stay posted for more about my trip to Berlin!
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