19 January 2014

Where next?

Well it's been quite some year, before you even factor in baking up the thousands of calories in The Hummingbird Bakery: Cake Days. From illness to marathon training, from not traveling to traveling monthly, from a career in business then law back to business, from being pro uni to no uni and back ... and forth... It's been exhausting. So where now for the blog?...

More original recipes, more reviews and much more about the 'big three' things coming up this year...

Running the London Marathon

First hundle is the London Marathon. Quite frankly I forgot I entered when I heard the news I had a place. It's something I wanted to do 'one day' and when I couldn't think of excuse not to do it I begrudgingly started training.


I'm finally off. From dreaming about Interrailing from a hospital bed and dipping my toes in with two weeks round Italy with Lucy to finally booking 'The Trip' round Asia (not forgetting the side trip to Fiji). I've deferred Uni (for the second time) ESPECIALLY for this trip. I couldn't bring myself to go without doing some traveling. I will be traveling for a little less time than expected due to the marathon place, but I AM FINALLY GOING. First stop, Japan. Needless to say I will keep you all well informed when I find the wifi and have dragged myself away from the beach. So I know they eat pad thai and sushi, but what about dessert?!

AND I have tentatively made a pretty wild New Year Resolution - a different country each month. Technically I can count from November, so I will visit a different country until October. If I CAN keep going til December I will, but I feel that the University funds might stump my dreams on the travel front.


That one word evokes so many emotions, ambitions and rationalisation. No matter what peoples' thoughts are on whether I 'should' or 'shouldn't' go, my place is there and ready for me. I will keep baking while I am there. Cost, space and hygeine are going to be massive factors, but hurdles that I am positive I can overcome/man up. With thousands of students and hundreds of sports teams, I'm sure I will find many guinea pigs to test recipes.
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