5 January 2014

Violet Cupcakes

Where can I buy violet extract??? I asked Hummingbird on twitter (they couldn't name anywhere specifically and just directed me to online suppliers). When I searched for violet essence in a popular supermarket comparison site the result came back for plug in air freshener, tampons, pork medalians, tinned anchovies and breaded fish. How curious.

I finally found the essence on eBay. And I do apologise to anybody out there who owns an eBay shop that sells food but... I'm always concerned. The stuff is alcohol-based, but I am convinced (only slightly reassured) by the words 'food grade' in the title. If you want the real deal, quality stuff and nice packaging you can go to Uncle Roy's which look like they are the good stuff, but with postage it was going to be £10. You understand my hesitation.

And so we digress from the cupcake - the cupcake that is fit for a home, a care home that is. This is not a bad thing, but there really is something about the smell of violets, that makes me want to sit down with Ethel and hear about the war. I really haven't put these in a good light so far have I?

Well all I will say is that if you don't like Parma Violets, then you won't like these. They are a delicate cupcake and the quality of the essence is everything. Good stuff will sing through, just like an unnatural one will.

When all is said and done, you know what your getting and if you love violet (cue Mum) then you will have no problem eating one at midnight. My Mum happily took a cupcake to bed. And I do say midnight snack because her timings tend to be GMT+4. Asleep at 8 and up at 7 is the norm. Lame (also jealous).

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