20 January 2014

Santa Cruz - Trip 3

You may have heard about the New Years Resolution that I have quietely whispered and am so scared to commit to. If you didn't read this post, then you'll need to know that I'm attempting a new country each month. It doesn't have to be somewhere I haven't been, but I'm TRYING to do a new country within the challenge. Officially I can log this back to November where the domino effect started... Barbados! December took me to Paris for my birthday and this month it was a very last minute and very spontaneous trip to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. (Not in LA unfortunately!!)

I didn't find much of a conclusive blog post on the city before I went so I'm going to try and cover areas such as - navigation, culture and where to eat, BUT first a bit of fun...

Here is my 'Santa Cruz Collection': 4 necklaces; 1 leaf cutter, 1 ice cream cutter, 1 pot of edible glitter, 1 pack of cupcake stands, 1 silicon cupcake mould, endless maps, 1 room service bill and card, 1 room key card, restaurant receipts, leftover euros and tram tickets.

I love my new necklaces from the market and because I was such a fan I got them for 5 euros each. Even if they don't last long they are at least a quarter of the price of the ones I've had my eye on in Zara for the last couple of months.

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