26 January 2014

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Afterword

The biggest surprise about Santa Cruz, was how great it was for a winter city break. I have never stubbled across a suggestion to visit for the weekend, through all my hours of dreaming (though I'm sure there are suggests out there), yet overall the cost is low and the travel time is a half a day (allow for a 4 hour flight), which is isn't far off other cities by the time you've factored in getting to the centre. Be prepared to get up in the middle of the night to catch the 6am flights. You often have beautiful weather, even in the midst of winter. And if that wasn't enough you don't feel rushed to tick off the great sights or monuments; you can occupy yourself in another way of life for a weekend and breeeeeathe... 

Many European countries have a lovely tradition of parading the streets in the evenings. I've seen a similar thing in Italy too, particularly the more traditional Southern cities like Naples. 

Groups of girls and groups of guys prowl their territory. They give each other exaggerated kisses. They may drape themselves over park benches, before they bid their suitors well wishes and move along to the next group of friends out for a stroll.

Santa Cruz has a couple of spots to observe such a practice. We sat at Plaza Weyler enjoying chorros and hot chocolate and people watching with hawk-like intensity. Saturday late afternoon was ideal for such an activity as everyone was out enjoying their weekend.

Another spot, that is worth a stroll in the evening when the sun has set AND in the day is Parque Garcia Sanabria. The gardens are well kept and there is free Wifi making it a nice spot if you want to stop to check messages or look on google maps and a reason why I suggested it as a pivot point. You will have to send a text message to set up the wifi though.

Earlier on in the afternoon when I was enjoying my beer we saw mother-and-child pairs out for some quality time. I was a bit confused when one was delicately holding on to his mums hand with only a few fingers. He must be at least 20. Would you find any guys in the UK who would hold their Mums hand in such an intimate fashion? Still it was sweet.

The other thing I noticed was how well trained the dogs were. They would scuttle along next to their owners even on the main shopping street (Calle de Castillo) without a lead. I was very impressed with how obedient they were. Dogs are commonplace and I really took a shine to this fluffy fella.

So there you have it. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch through the comments section below, Google+ or twitter.

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