9 January 2014

Mini Cocktail Cupcakes - Mojito, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daquari, Chocolate & Brandy

All year I wanted to do these 4 mini cupcakes for a Cupcakes & Cocktails party, possibly charity benefit. I never found the confidence to do the fundraiser (I am ashamed to admit it, but I can't help but be honest with you) and I went to Paris for my Birthday, so didn't do the party to celebrate that either. Luckily my buddy Hazel has a December birthday. Us girls went round and slobbed out on the sofa, half watching Bridesmaids, half chatting away like only girls can.

Three out of the four cocktail cupcakes were made and frosted in time to take to Hazels, working on only a few hours a sleep, not for the first time.

Confusingly, the first three (Mojito, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daquari) don't actually have sugar in the batter, instead you retain the fruit infused sugar syrup to pour on top after baking and before frosting. It seems strange, but it did actually work.

The syrup-soaked fruit goes in the bottom of the cupcake cases. This seems to make the cases very sticky so I added an extra case round some of them.

These are the ones I took along to Hazel's (all but the Chocolate & Brandy).

Strawberry Daiquiri
Pina Colada

And having a one track mind, I forgot the sugar in the Mini Chocolate Brandy Cupcakes too. Once frosted they still tasted good, which makes me wonder why they changed the recipe for only these mini cupcakes?... Nonetheless here are the photographs for you below. I'm really pleased with the coating of sprinkles on top. We placed these in the middle of the table as little Christmas treats for our visitors.

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