5 January 2014

Jasmine Cupcakes

Well what a lot of fuss over nothing. I have been trying for months to find white jasmine tea. I finally found it by chance from Sainsburys online as loose tea. Plenty of green jasmine tea, but if you want white you will have to have a determined hat on.

As much of my baking starts, I was feeling a little delicate from a Christmas cocktail party when I made these (and Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pie) with help from the wonderful Grace.

With company, baking always goes a bit faster and despite a few miscommunications, leading to the frosting having the tea leaves IN it, we managed to pull through and tick another one off the list.

The method is exactly the same as most of the other tea-based cupcakes (like the Earl Grey Cupcakes) whereby you brew a very strong cup of tea with minimal liquid and add this as an essence to your cupcakes.

I decided that I fancied making some little flowers to go on top of the jasmine cupcakes. I used a little flower cutter, fondant icing and mini mini mini cupcake cases (like these) to create them.

First you cut out the flower. Carefully place on the bottom of an upturned case, being careful not to rip the petals off. Next coat your thumb in icing sugar to prevent it from sticking and ripping the icing, then press gently on the tips of the petals. Leave them to dry in a cool place.

With any luck you will have flowers with slightly ridged petals. I added a dollop of the frosting in the middle of the flower and these sprinkles from Sainsburys.

The Jasmine flavour isn't very strong, but I do really like the tea infused cupcakes... if only the tea wasn't so hard to source!!!

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