9 January 2014

I. Did. It

Those three words haven't quite sunk in yet. With the excitement of Christmas and hype of New Year (big difference - can you tell I'm not a fan?) it almost went a miss. BUT I DID IT! No... Not that. I, Beanie, baked my way through the entire Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days. That's 110 recipes by the 31st of December 2013.

I'm not sure I needed to explain it to anyone who's been reading this blog for the past year (tomorrow is my Blogiversary) but I just wanted to reiterate it to myself.

Below is a selection of photos of my last 3 recipes - Strawberry & Cream Cheesecake, Sweetcorn, Chilli & Cheese Muffins and Maple and Peacan Layer Cake.

It has been emotional.
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